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What a hoot! Great post on a simple topic! My boys had no concept of a house with a tub until our first furlough. Brazilian houses have only shower stalls. On entering their first bathroom in a house, one loudly acclaimed to the other, Come quick, there's a swimming pool in here!

Loved your post!


Michele, your boys made me laugh! I can just imagine their amazement at having an indoor pool! Thanks for brightening up my day.


haha, this is great! From South Asia - the land of "bucket baths" and having no problem "showering" underneath the [waist-level] faucet - I second your salute! :-)


Thanks, Sarah! When we were in Russia, the hot water was turned off every summer, so we mastered the bucket bath - we called it a bird bath, or indoor camping.


I just stumbled across your blog, and am loving it! This post especially makes me laugh. Living in Tanzania, in a house where we weren't allowed to put any holes in the walls, I finally got fed up and devised my own system... using two 3M hooks from the States (carefully stored away till this necessary use), and a bunch of string creating a cradle for the showerhead. People usually laughed when they entered our shower/toilet area, but as long as I got to enjoy a "real" shower (despite minimal pressure and frigid water) I couldn't have cared less!

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