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Rena Nunley

I can relate to many intern'l traveling stories but these are hilarious and I never experienced such! How in the world :)does such an airline stay in business??

I think the best piece of advice would be to expect the unexpected but pray for an "uneventful" trip!Having said that, we were delightfully surprised (yes, in spite of our praying)to have one of those rare uneventful trips last month when we traveled from Brazil. I'm still delighting in the memories of it and for His answer to prayer!
I enjoy your posts, Robin. Very well written and interesting!
And thanks for visiting my blog!


Thanks, Rene! This particular airline stayed in business because they were the only airline for many years. Truthfully, they have improved over the last few years.

Great advice for any traveler!


I always carry duck tape and packing tape. Once on an all night flight the overhead light was stuck on. My dh had enough of the very bright light and asked for some of my tape. He took care of that light!


Great suggestion, Michele! I remember digging out some duct tape to help close an overhead compartment that had a broken lock. Since moving overseas, we've joked that most things can be repaired if you have a roll of duct tape and a leatherman (multi-tool knife) on hand.


Hi! I found your blog on the WOTHwriters roll and thoroughly enjoyed this post! We also quickly learned the same lessons when flying internationally and it was fun to be able to relate to your experience. Blessings.


I've learned to make sure I have a book (or 3), ear plugs, an eye mask... and let my husband deal with any problems that come up :)

I've also learned not to count on the flight schedule staying the same, since every.single.trip we've made back and forth to the U.S. has changed at least once and usually more (the last one changed four times). So no matter how hard we try to minimize lengthy layovers, or the need to fly through cities with multiple airports, it seems we are doomed to spend waaaaay more time in airports than we'd like. Actual flying time is about 13 hours, but if we manage a 24-hour trip from start to finish, we are thrilled. All too often it is more like 36 hours.

If you've ever seen The Terminal with Tom Hanks, you can probably relate to a number of his experiences :) We sure can!

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