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Faye Laufer

I just laughed at this image of you, washing your own hair in cold water, I need to post this in some of the shops at home, they wouldn't believe it. Being a former hairdresser this was a hoot! Thanks for sharing

Jennifer Covington

Your blog is a daily form of entertainment! Adam and I read it religiously. Keep up the fun stories and insightful anecdotes and we'll keep telling our friends to read it. You have a great gift!


Thanks for the encouragement! I'm enjoying blogging more than I thought possible.

Dena Layne

I recently had my first haircut in Russia and I was so nervous going in there. I actually decided to go all out and have it cut and colored. Much to my surprise I think it was one of the best hair cuts I've ever had. Conquering a fear feels so good! Thanks for sharing!


Salons have improved soooo much since those early days in Russia. So glad you "conquered" your fear and found a great place! I've yet to find one here, though I've heard about a new place and the hairdresser's name is Adonis. I may have to try it if only to see what a hairdresser named Adonis looks like!

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