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LOVE 'em both!
Did you see the doll quilt I made for Sophi? I still haven't ventured to try a BIG quilt yet . . .
I made mug rugs for several people for Christmas this year - so cute! I still need to make myself one! HA!
Please tell me you DID eat those Snickers . . . such a waste . . . HA!

Melinda H.

I love the mug rugs! A useful item, and cute too! I may pursue that one, I love quilting but get overwhelmed at the space needed to produce said quilt. Did you use batting? I'm thinking no..


D'Anna, I loved your doll quilt. It is adorable. And I spoke the truth, I didn't eat either of the Snickers. LOL!


Melinda, I did use batting in the mug rug. I used "Warm & Natural" so there would be a little more heat protection. It was a lot of fun and a quick project. Plus it is a good way to use up scraps. I think you would enjoy making them.

Mandy Davis

Lottie Moon Auction. I would pay good money for it. It's beautiful!!! You are so talented.

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