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YUM!!! Thanks for this post! I always wondered what was special about Greek yogurt and if it really was "Greek." I had some in the States and it was delicious - thick and creamy. Maybe it was the real thing because the shelf life was shorter!
I think we can get it here . . . I'll look around. Really want to try your recipe!


In Greece they use Tzatziki on souvlaki - which is the Greek equivalent of Russian shashlik. I miss Russian shashlik!! I hope you enjoy it!


Thanks for the recipe! I love tzatziki, although I never knew what it was called. And I know what you mean about American's tragic appetite for 0% fat products. One of my roommates in college was a big health nut. I nicknamed her "Miss Brown Rice and Veggies" behind her back. She used to stock our fridge with fat free ranch dressing. One day I decided to be open minded and give it a try, but I found I was far too Hungarian to put up with it. "It wouldn't be bad if you mixed it with something that had more flavor," I said. She started to agree until I added, "Say....like hot lard...."

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