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robin w

How many times can I say AMEN about this post. AMEN AMEN AMEN! Preach it, so right ...SO right on. LOVE IT. Enjoyed every word of TRUTH. second the no speedos.


Thanks, Robin! It is amazing the things we see and learn as we live overseas. And I've seen some doozies!

Paige DePratter

One statement I've had to learn since being here: "Dress comfortably, but not sloppily. Most Europeans tend to wear dressier clothes than we typically do in America. When in doubt, black is always appropriate in Europe." In training the guy kept telling me that I needed to dress nicer... I'm really glad I make an effort now, because it totally makes a difference! Now if I only had a little more black in my wardrobe, I think I would "fit in" even better. Definitely going to take this back to the States with me! Thanks Europe! :)


Paige, you look great in any color! Europe will miss you!

Diane Steward

I live in South America instead of Europe, and almost everything you say would apply here too. I heartily agree! Except....I really can't see how expressing health concerns about public smoking (if it's sincere) is as rude as say, wearing shorts to the cathedral. We finally left a very quaint and much-looked-forward-to restaurant in Chile when they couldn't offer us ANY place that wasn't filled with cigarette smoke. We didn't make a scene but we were disappointed that a such a well-known historical place would play favorites with its patrons.

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