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OH HONEY, I SO RELATE hahahaha... only one difference, my breast xray was on the 2nd floor near a big big window with no curtains and needless to say a busy street...


Patsy, thank heavens no one looks up on a busy street in Russia! : )


Soooo true!
Except here in Argentina, you don't have the other patients popping in during the exam. Something I can be thankful for! :)
I loved it (NOT) when, during my first year, I got parasites and the doctor told me it was all in my head. ?!?!?! I finally self-diagnosed when I noted the cyclical pattern of the diarrhea.
Also didn't appreciate the OB-GYN who put me on hormones (after objecting for a year I gave in -- BIG MISTAKE) without doing any kind of blood work to see where my hormone levels were. Worst.experience.of.my.life. Even childbirth was easier than that. I stopped taking them after 10 days.
I now try to hold off on any big stuff until we're on furlough.
But thankfully we've found a wonderful, competent dentist! Which is a very good thing considering the number of root canals and crowns I'm racking up.
I totally agree with your comment on socialized medicine. We have to get our own medicine and needles at the pharmacy and take them to the doctor. And I learned to also take cotton balls and band-aids because they don't even have those in their office. It took ruining just one pair of pants after an injection (which bled like crazy because I don't think they knew how to administer a shot properly) before I realized we needed to come COMPLETELY prepared with all necessary supplies.
I keep telling myself, "It's an adventure! It's an adventure!" haha


Kim, it is an adventure! I remember going to the docotor for some blood work, and their first question was "Where are your needles?" I had to go buy some at the pharmacy and come back. The adventure sure makes us appreciate our medical care in America.

Account Deleted

#10 left me cackling! Going to the doctor here in Brazil can be as bad. I am thankful for some private clinics and hospitals that are modern and a bit better. Been thinking of writing about a recent root canal experience. This was an inspiration to get the post written!


Michele, I am so thankful for the private clinics. They provide such a great alternative to the state-run hospitals. Looking forward to reading your post about your dental experience!

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