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Ha! Ha! Loved this, Mom.

Jeniene Bingaman

Robin you make it all sound so FUN, which it was not, That is the fun of Jesus as you write out the story trails come and he does walk with us and lives in us, no better way, You are so Loved


Jeniene, you are my greatest encourager! Love you!


Bless your heart! I can relate. We lived in a two story home in El Salvador, and I broke my foot while pregnant! This sounds familiar...


Betsy, I cannot imagine being pregnant AND breaking a foot! You had great story to tell when that baby was born!


What a well told story! The things we take for granted about living overseas! Here in Brazil the hospital doesn't give you crutches to take home. Each person has to rent them on their own from special drugstores.


Michelle, I still remember the first time we went to the doctor in Russia for shots, and realized we were supposed to buy the syringes at the pharmacy before going to the doctor. I always think nothing else will surprise me, yet things still pop up even after all these years of living overseas. God has truly given us a life of adventure!


I hear you 100%. I wasn't living overseas but I was on vacation with a lovely sand beach (which I wasn't able to visit on my own), a lovely ocean which I couldn't get to without traversing the beach, and of course no elevators to get to my room. Thank goodness for my fiance at the time, who actually carried me from the hotel, across the beach, to the water and held me up while I dipped a toe into the ocean. Not a good place to learn how to use crutches but it was amazing how well I was getting along by the time I had to leave!

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